Polish Elections

by Maciej Stachowski in CodeSOD on 2015-03-02

Far away across the Atlantic, in the mythical land of Eastern Europe, where the sun don't shine and wild beasts roam the roads, lies a little country called Poland. Known in the world for its cheap manual labor and fondness for strong alcohol, it has for years been the butt of every national joke in almost all parts of the globe. But people here (or at least those who haven't run away yet) have been working hard to combat those pesky Eastern Bloc stereotypes, and as such, the country has in recent years seen a lot of social and technological progress. That last one, of course, comes with one notable exception: the government sector.

2010 Poland elections round 2 ballot box

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An Odd Form Factor

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-02-27

"I was searching on Texas Instruments' web site when I found a block diagram for an oddly-shaped tablet," writes Renan B., "I mean, Gigabit Ethernet? PCI Express? I had no idea that they could squeeze in all these features!"

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The Address Shuffle

by Jane Bailey in CodeSOD on 2015-02-25

The best thing about being a consultant, in Ashleigh's opinion, was that you got to leave at the end of a job- meaning you never had to live with the mistakes your pointy-haired supervisor forced on you.

August 1970 DETAIL ORNAMENTED MAILBOX - Morris-Butler House, 1204 North Park Avenue, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN HABS IND,49-IND,9-13

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Free (New) TDWTF Mug Day!

by Alex Papadimoulis in Announcements on 2015-02-24

Last year around this time, we did a Free T-Shirt Day. You all gave some great feedback, so I thought we'd try it again with a Free Mug Day!

My company, Inedo, will be once again sponsoring this round of The Daily WTF mugs. Although we haven't yet released our v5 of BuildMaster yet, we've made a lot of big improvements since last year, and thought this would be a good opportunity to show them off. The mugs will be the same, serious grade as always -- but this time, they'll feature the brand-new logo (unlike the one below).

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Limit as Sense Approaches Zeno

by Dan J. in Tales from the Interview on 2015-02-24

It’s an uncomfortable truth in our enlightened, 21st-century utopia, but we often don’t know how to deal with people that deviate slightly from the norm. Jim knows a thing or two (or three) about this, because he has a Bachelors of Science with three majors: Computer Science, English, and Mathematics. Let’s not dwell on how such a thing could be possible; consider instead the strangest reaction Jim ever encountered to his unusual credentials.

Cauchy Sequence

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A Small Closing

by Remy Porter in CodeSOD on 2015-02-23

Dario got a call that simply said, “Things are broken.” When he tried to get more details, it was difficult for the users to pin it down more clearly. Things would work, then they wouldn’t. The application would run, then it would hang, then it would suddenly start working again.

Wells Street Station closed.jpg

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