Metro Card Jackpot!!

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2014-12-19

"I really need to look into a cash-out option," writes Alvin.

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A Perfect 10

by Mark Bowytz in CodeSOD on 2014-12-18

two-hands-equals-10-fingersAndrew found this code on the product pages of a fairly popular automotive e-commerce website. It's called whenever an 'attribute' of a product (size, color, etc.) is selected or changed by the user.

The main focus of this code is to update a concatenation of the values of all currently selected attributes which are stored in a hidden form input field. Once it has done that, it hands off to another function to make an AJAX request with this concatenated value as a parameter.

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JSON at Crystal Lake

by Remy Porter in CodeSOD on 2014-12-16

Trevor found an unusual bug. Every customer had a GUID, but for some reason, their JSON API failed if there were ever more that 75 results.

He checked the web layer, only to find that it didn’t actually build the JSON- it just returned a string. The string itself came from their Oracle database. That’s where this procedure came from:

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Good Help is Hard to Find

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2014-12-12

Daniel writes, "Looking for world class talent? won't be finding it here."

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Polynomial Optimization

by Remy Porter in CodeSOD on 2014-12-11

Marlschlag falsch&Schlingen

Rayer S’s co-worker exploded into his cube, beaming. “I’ve just optimized our processing loop. I’ve gone from O(n2) to O(n)!”

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